Comments From The Editor

What is going in on the empty commercial lots at the front of Kings Mill? 

(October, 2013)

We spoke to a representative for the developer for the commercial lots at the front of Kings Mill, between Anderson Road and North Park Drive, on Friday October 18th.  Our intent in contacting the developer was to understand what is permitted/planned for this development that is so close to our neighborhood.  We found the developer's representative to be very forthcoming with information and interested in keeping our residents aware of the development as it progresses.

According to our source, there is currently no pending or signed contracts on the property.  The activity we have seen in the last few weeks was to clean out dead tress from the drought a few years ago and an infestation of pine beetles that had devastated much of the old growth on the plot.  Additional sand was also added to the future retail site.  

At this point there is no definitive answer to what is going to be built.  However, what is not going to be built is good news for our neighborhood.  There will not be a large box store, (e.g., Cosco), nor will H-E-B be built on the plot.  There will be no residential construction on this land, i.e., apartments, Section 8 HUD housing nor will there be senior residential living units built on the land.

Then what may be built on the property?  The options are fast food, a retail center, small office building or bank.  I repeat, there are not pending or signed contracts for any construction at this point.

In discussing the timing of future construction on the land adjacent to our neighborhood, the representative for the developer indicated that his expectation would be contracting some time late in 2014 and construction beginning in 2015.  This is a long term project for the developer of the land and this editor will continue to speak with the developer's representative as time and the project goes on to get updates on their progress.  Of course, these updates will be provided to you, our neighbors, in a timely manner.

Please, keep checking back to keep up to date on the progress of a very important element just outside our neighborhood.

Thank you,

Cheryl Landwehr

Update on commercial lots in front of Kings Mill on North Park Drive

I spoke with a Vice President with Friendswood Development on Tuesday, December 17, 2013. He said that the development of utilities is ongoing, and although Friendswood Development has been contacted by several interested parties, they have not entered into a contract with anyone at this time.

Again, they have ruled out Senior Apartments, Apartments in general and HEB, they do not believe that these types of development are a good fit for our neighborhood.  He feels that it was be three to four months before Friendswood will be in a position to begin contract negotiations on these two commercial sites.

I will continue to speak with my contact at Friendswood Development and update you as I get additional information.

Cheryl Landwehr

Kings Mill New Neighborhood Organization